Leticia Ruifernández

Leticia Ruifernández was born in Madrid in 1976. She studed Architecture. Her profesional career has been focused on illustration and the creation of all kind of books. 

She writes her own stories too. Schools and Public Libraries often invite her to do Workshops and big ephemeral collective murals.

Her books have been published in Spain, Korea, Italy, Canada… and have been honored with several awards.

Leticia Ruifernández ilustradora

Awards received

Picuyo selected at The White Ravens 2012, from the Internationale Jugendbibliothek, Munchen (Germany)
La partida del soldado, selected by El Banco del Libro, Venezuela, among “The best teenager and children books” 2014
Cuentos del bosque finalista of the Awards Fundación Cuatrogatos 2014
Il mare nel deserto Finalist of the Soligatto, Award,Treviso, Italy

Poemario di campo, Premio Nacional de Poesía Oreste pelagatti, Italia

Winner at Álbum Ilustrado Ciudad de Alicante 1st Award

Special Mention at “Certamen de álbum infantil Biblioteca Insular del Cabildo de Gran Canarias”

Specil Mention at the Second Picture Book Festival of Korea.