Activating creative energy

I run creative workshops both for children and adults. These workshops with multiple participants generate a stimulating energy that empowers each participant in other aspects of their lives.


Ephemeral Collective Murals

In these workshops for people of all ages, participants enjoy the artistic and colourful creation of a collective mural.  Few instructions are given, and no special ability is required. 

The groups share a creative moment that strengthens bonds among the members. The most important goal is to enjoy the process, although the final result is always stimulating and surprising!

What we experience in these workshops is the power of the community and the group:

Together we can do things that would be impossible to achieve alone.

Creative Workshops

Creativity is essencial both for children and adults. It stimulates us and connects us with ourselves. I run creative workshops adapted to each specific group:

Meetings in schools to talk about how I illustrate and create children books.  Participants witness how I paint and we discuss the various stages of the process, from the storyboard to the printing.

Creative workshops about color and painting:  A moment to experience with big formats of paper.  A practical introduction to concepts such as harmony, emotion linked to colour, contrast, etc…

Watercolour workshops.  An inner connection with Nature.

If any kind of workshop interests you, please, get in touch with me. I´ll be happy to answer your questions.