With John Berger. You can see an article of his with my illustrations here.

I live and paint in a little village in Extremadura, Spain.

The sun visits my studio in the mornings. This is where I do the illustrations for children books (and other adventures…)  while my own stories and books are starting to blossom.

I love to create travel journals. Some of them have been published in Spain.

I studed Architecture, but I am very happy doing what I do!

Photo by Elvira Megías

Some of the awards I have received:

  • In 2006 I won the First Prize of the VI Certámen de Álbum Ilustrado Ciudad de Alicante with the book “Cuento hasta tres”
  • In 2008 I received the Second Prize at the III Certamen de álbum infantil Biblioteca Insular del Cabildo de Gran Canaria with the book “Adanya del Sur”.
  • The book “Un cuento de cigüeñas was finalist in the Second Edition of the Picture Book Festival of Korea.
  • The book “Picuyo” was selected at the The White Ravens 2012 by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek.
  • “Cuentos del bosque” was finalist of the 2014 prizes given by the Cuatrogatos fundation.
  • “La partida del soldado” was selected by El Banco del Libro of Venezuela among the best books for children and teenagers of 2014.


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